About Us

It is said that teachers are born, not made. I have always had a passion for children and teaching. I graduated from Potch Educational College in 1987 and started my teaching career in 1988. In 2008, I decided to go into another level of teaching: Water Safety & Learn to swim. It is alarming how many children drown yearly, and I hope to make a small difference. I started teaching children water safety after hours and soon got so tired of trying to run two jobs. I resigned formal teaching and started teaching swimming full time in 2009.

We are affiliated members of the following organizations:

Eastern Gauteng Aquatics

Professional Baby Swim Teachers Association (PBSTA)

Swimming South Africa (SSA)

Central Gauteng Aquatic Association (CGA)

Instructors are qualified and certified in:

LTS ( Learn to swim)

PBSTA ( Professional Baby swimming)

Level 1 Gala Coaching (CGA)

Level 1 First Aid


Swimming South Africa
Swimming South Africa
Swimming South Africa
Swimming South Africa