Benefits of swimming

Water awareness and water orientation

  • Early introduction to water may prevent Aquaphobia which is more likely to develop as a child grows older.
  • Safety in and around water
  • Becoming acqainted with submersion may prevent fear and panic when a child falls in water, thus reducing their chances of drowning.
  • Oppertunity to bond with parent / grandparent / caregiver.
  • Develops self-confidence and encourages independence
  • Helps to overcome seperation anxiety
  • Gives your child a sense of accomplishment and achievement
  • Enhances sensory stimulation in a fun filled atmosphere
  • Swimming improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Asthmatics benefit by the exercise in the warm, moist air in and around the pool.
  • Babies relax in water and the exercise improves their appetites and they sleep better.
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Speech and Language development

  • Promotes listening, concentration and attention span.
  • Improves ability to follow instructions
  • Improves eye contact
  • Improves breath control
  • Group interaction develops social skills
  • Nursery rhymes improve ability to sequencing skills and sound awarenes which aids your child when learning to read.

Motor and Physical development

  • Babies can exercise all muscle groups in water.
  • Improves and develops good muscle tone and balance.
  • Improves hand / eye and the basis of bilateral co-ordination
  • Encourages hands to midline, then crossing of the midline and eventually bilateral co-ordination
  • Improves your child's spacial and body awareness
  • Improves motor planning skills
  • Improvement of swimming skills in preparation for swimming strokes
  • and possibly resulting in your child winning gold in the Olympics / becoming a professional water polo player / proffesional diver / life saver …

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